Tribal Knowledge

Portada del eBookAutor John Moore
Año 2006
Idioma English
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Starbucks Cofee has redefined modern marketing by forsaking the traditional marketing trappings of mass advertising and, instead, focusing on building endearing and enduring relationships with customers one cup, one store, at a time.

Starbucks tribal knowledge is an innate language that has never been written, only spoken, and then, only within the Starbucks tribe. It’s a pithy quote by a respected Starbucks executive. It’s a mantra used by Starbucks project teams to bring forth passionate followership. It’s emotionally intense advice from old-school partners that pierces the souls of new-school partners. It’s poignant. It’s thought-provoking. It’s actionable. It’s what built Starbucks the business and Starbucks the brand.


  1. Muy cierto, como expone Al Ries, una amrca se construye con relaciones, se mantiene con publicidad. Raúl G (DF)

  2. Hoy con los Social Media esas relaciones cobran cada vez más importancia

    Saludos ;)


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