The direct mail marketing little black book

Portada del eBookAutor Jeff Jarvis
Año 2008
Idioma English
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Reaching customers through direct mail is big business. Currently, over $41 billion dollars are spent annually on direct mail marketing in the United States. Because of the one-to-one nature of direct mail, you can target specific individuals who have a need for your product- increasing the likelihood of making a sale. You can also build lasting customer relationships that result in repeat business.

If you include a reply device, you'll promote immediate response. Of course, you can use the number of responses to help measure the success of your campaign. Direct mail is the perfect way to reach selected prospects. And it can be a complement to your overall marketing mix. A direct mail package can be designed to make an instant sale, open a dialogue between the potential buyer and seller, or simply inform the potential buyer about a particular company's products and/ or services. Whatever the desired outcome of a direct mail effort, one fact remains- direct mail is a proven way to reach customers.

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