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Historically, economic hardship motivates companies to take a good, hard look at their marketing budgets and try to compute each investment’s financial value. This recession is no different, with one exception: social media has become perceived as an indispensible marketing tool — one getting increased investment — despite a historical inability to quantify its worth.

There is little left to debate about whether or not one should participate in social media — virtually all companies, big and small, have acknowledged social media’s presence, and firms who do not have a blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account now find themselves in the scarce minority. Many, however, appear to be blindly hopping on the bandwagon — people are creating company profile pages andsending updates without knowing how much they should invest in these distribution channels or what success even looks like. This brings us back to Economics 101: how can a company effectively allocate limited marketing resources if they cannot define the investment’s value?


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  2. Hola Anónimo, he probado la descarga de este ebook y funciona sin problemas, podrías probar de nuevo?

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