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Año 2009
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The problem with Planning is that we need to know what people want. This means asking them questions, which immediately creates a dilemma. Every group, every, omnibus, survey or depth interview, however carefully planned and objectively moderated, engenders a sense of self-consciousness in the respondents that can skew the results. We’ve all been to Groups where someone was afraid to speak while another liked the sound of his own voice a bit too much. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see what was in people’s heads without having to ask? Would it be good to have data from a larger proportion of the population than the base sizes we normally have?

The Internet, from search engines to social media, offers a vast and easily accessible repository of fresh, free and authentic insight and intelligence. The insights come, not from people sitting in a focus group, filling out a questionnaire or standing on a street corner talking to a researcher with a clipboard, but from unguarded conversations on forums, social networks and blogs and searches on Google. I call it the 'largest, most honest and unselfconscious focus group in the world' and it can help us at every stage of the Strategic Planning process.

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