Social Media Marketing GPS

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Portada del eBookAutora Toby Bloomberg
Año 2010
Idioma English
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Tweet Intro. Technology connects people from across town to across oceans. Oxymoron is “unfeeling” digital builds personal relationships.

What began as a way to keep in touch w/ friends morphed to open conversations between customers & the PEOPLE w/in organizations.

SM brings back the “corner grocery store relationship” where business was built on trust. The grocer was part of the community.

The grocer knew & cared about the people that purchased her products/services. SM helps create and nurture closer relationships

Most successful SM strategies focus on a niche... think the “long tail" concept. SM is the poster child for segmentation marketing

As w/ online marketing, social media can be measured and tracked. New success metrics include halo effect of influencers.

SM can provide a point of difference for your organization resulting in stronger customer loyalty and more effective targeting.