Facebook: Sponsored stories for Premium and Marketplace

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Now with Sponsored Stories, you can increase the visibility of these powerful News Feed stories when they relate to your organization or business. No matter how many fans you have, they are only a portion of the people you can reach on Facebook. Sponsored Stories broadens your reach by allowing your fans to help their friends discover your brand and connect with your campaign objectives. Like Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories are non-disruptive and respect people’s privacy settings. There are seven types of Sponsored Stories that each surface different types of content.

Sponsored Stories also support the content that your Facebook Page publishes to its fans. The dynamic nature and unique algorithm behind each person’s News Feed means that each person’s experience is different on Facebook. For Page owners, this means that some of your fans do not see your valuable Page posts (status updates, videos, photos) in their News Feed. Sponsored Stories for Page Posts allows Page owners to ensure your fans see the content that your Page publishes