The Value of Influence: The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

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Año 2011
Idioma English
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It’s no secret that influence plays a significant role in business. Entrepreneurs are often influenced by the mentors they’ve worked under. Employees are influenced by their company’s culture. And perhaps most importantly, buyers are influenced by the ones they trust when it comes to making critical purchasing decisions.

Building that kind of trust takes time, of course. Fortunately, chances are there’s already a group of people out there who’ve earned the respect of many of your potential customers. The question is, how can you take advantage of that influence to increase brand awareness and boost revenue?

This eBook takes you through every step of the influencer marketing process, arming you with all the tools needed to not only engage with industry thought leaders, but to become one yourself! Inside you’ll find insights and ideas from top influencer specialists like Nick Hayes of Influencer50, Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, Eloqua’s Joe Chernov and more!