Taking, texting, poking and dating: How teenagers are using technology in their social lives

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Año 2012
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In an era of online social networking, it may come as a surprise that teenagers’ preferred form of communication doesn’t rely on technology. Asked what form of communication they would miss most if it were taken away, the vast majority of respondents replied “face-to- face.” Less than half as many said they would miss texting the most, putting it in second place. Meanwhile, Facebook use came in as only the fourth most popular, after talking on the mobile phone.

Meeting IRL (in real life) is best because it provides the complete context, including body language and non- verbal cues. This is especially important considering the way teenagers often use sarcasm. Texting remains the teenager’s tool of choice when face time isn’t an option. In fact, it dominates high-school kids’ social lives. One of the reasons is convenience – it allows them to communicate while multitasking. They are able to send a text to friends between classes, at parties, out shopping, and at home while doing chores or watching TV – it does not interrupt the flow of their lives.