Social media: become part of the online community

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Año 2008
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There have been some truly amazing and inspired campaigns in 2008 which really made the most of what social media offers. We’ve had the Facebook, MySpace and Bebo success stories, where brands have penetrated an already O2 and Cadbury being great examples.

There’s been the standalone activity that has successfully tapped into the very essence of the online community, like Balloonacy, from Orange – the first ever balloon race across the internet. A fan of widgets? In terms of creating useful online applications that get right in front of consumers on their own terms, there’s been loads of brands who have flown the flag: UPS have done it to stay ahead of their competitors; so have Cancer Research, with a Google application which measures your alcohol intake; Amazon’s full of them and even Kimberly Clark have embraced these branded utilities (don’t ask!). All this is in addition to the hundreds upon thousands of conversations that take place online every day about brands, products and services, whether you want them to or not.