Brink - A Social Media guide from the edge

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Año 2009
Idioma English
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If you noticed that a company that was known for its barely navigable website and/or hellacious phone system was suddenly taking an active, helpful, human role towards consumers, would you be impressed? Would you be more favorably inclined to their brand if you could tell they were listening to you? Of course you would.

But being “human” towards customers was, if not impossible, than at least not lucrative: before the Social Media era, being “human” did not scale very well. If a big company offered superior service, their happy customers would appreciate it, but they’d be unlikely to spread the goodwill. Only unhappy customers are particularly vocal. But in an online world, a company can be seen and noticed as being responsive, even by non‐customers (a.k.a. prospective customers). This makes the pursuit of “good karma through good service” more worthwhile and lucrative.