Why Blog + 25 Tips to Make it Work

Portada del eBookAutor Valeria Maltoni
Año 2009
Idioma English
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For businesses especially, people have come to expect that you have a Web presence. But, when they research you or your type of business, they prefer to read what others are saying about you, or they want to see you in action - read how you solve problems, what kind of expertise you have, etc.

Sure, newsletters and testimonial ads still get the word out on your good work. They are not going to go away. But they are one way communications - from you to your customers and prospects. Send one too many newsletters by email and they might skip it, or think it's spam even when they granted you permission to send it in the first place (remember to ask). On the other hand, some people prefer receiving information by email - you can still do that with a blog

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