Building a Social Media Team

Portada del eBookAutor Amber Naslund
Año 2009
Idioma English
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This e-book is a collection of posts that I wrote about building a social media team. I put the series together to try and help businesses of all sizes sort out the wheat from the chaff and understand what it takes to really properly staff and deploy human resources to build and guide social media efforts.

Let’s assume for a minute that you’re already convinced that social media is something you need to be integrating into your work. When I refer to a team, I mean exactly that. A group of people inside your organization that are tasked with strategizing, executing, and stewarding social media initiatives inside your company.

Those initiatives can be anything from just listening and mining social media conversations for insights about your brand presence to participating actively through blogs, Twitter, forums, or other social networks to engage with your customers.