25 Best practices in banner advertising

Portada del eBookAutores Codruta Moga y Darius Tulbure
Año 2010
Idioma English
Páginas 27
+info http://www.bannersnack.com

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The truth about banner ads is that they're annoying, boring and they often speak a different language. Hundreds of ads blink, flash and use strong colors to drive attention, while some (pop-ups, expandable banners) have the nerve to cover what the users are reading.

Another truth about advertising is that it gives users the opportunity to read tons of great content for free by supporting the publisher. And the fact is – while banner advertising is getting more and more sophisticated - some well defined rules and standards are arising.

Needless to say that now there's more respect for the Internet users than ever.


  1. I've just downloaded it. It seems to me very useful, thanks for the post!


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