Tabvertising - iPad and other tablets

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Año 2010
Idioma English
Páginas 2010

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Tablet devices similar to the iPad or the HP Slate have been around for years, yet it's only now that the touch screen and portable technology can deliver a device capable of the promise. Coupled with the sheer unstoppable wave of content coming from companies capitalising on the "gold rush" of portable applications(apps), it's clear we're witnessing the birth of a new age for the way we consume media.

For brands, there are obvious uses for tablets - like extending your search, social media and email campaigns - while display and video advertising have new and exciting innovations to invigorate their use. With larger beautifully rendered, interactive ads in electronic versions of magazines and newspapers, and beautiful video ads around TV shows and films – it's the ability to stun consumers with eye catching adverts that really blows you away.

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