If it doesn't spread, it's dead

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Portada del eBookAutores Henry Jenkins, Xiaochang Li, y Ana Domb Krauskopf
Año 2009
Idioma English
Páginas 114
+info http://henryjenkins.org

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Definitions of ‘viral’ media suffer from being both too limiting and too all–encompassing. The term has ‘viral’ has been used to describe so many related but ultimately distinct practices — ranging from Word–of–Mouth marketing to video mash–ups and remixes posted to YouTube — that just what counts as viral is unclear. It is invoked in discussions about buzz marketing and building brand recognition while also popping up in discussions about guerilla marketing, exploiting social networks, and mobilizing consumers and distributors. Needless, the concept of viral distribution is useful for understanding the emergence of a spreadable media landscape. Ultimately, however, viral media is a flawed way to think about distributing content through informal or ad-hoc networks of consumers.