Mobile Media - Consumer Insights across Europe

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Portada del eBookCoordina IAB Europa
Año 2011
Idioma English
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Mobile internet advertising spend during 2010 – when advertising revenues generally fell - was worth €710 million, more than double its 2009 total of €279 million (Source: IHS Screen Digest 2011).

This report covering 19 European countries presents detailed research findings behind these figures. It springs from IAB Europe’s mission to prove the value of the market through research and education.

Mobile advertising wins out on many levels: it enables business to connect with consumers personally and immediately. The odds on their product message getting through to the right person are dramatically reduced. The recipient can respond equally effectively and speedily. What’s more the advertiser can track every step of the process and match it to sales outcomes. This not only makes targeting advertising spend easier, but also much more accurately and cheaply than tracking traditional methods of advertising.

Vía María José López