Helvetica: Complements & Alternatives

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We asked experts we admire to round up typefaces that share a common use, style, or concept. Indra Kupferschmid is a German typographer and writer who lives in Bonn and teaches in Saarbrücken at the French border. As co-author of “Helvetica forever”, Indra is often asked what typeface to combine with the world’s most famous font. As Indra puts it, “Helvetica is often described as the tasteless white rice among typefaces: satisfies easily, cheap and fast. But the good thing is, you can take the design into different directions with the sauce and side dishes (the typefaces you pair with Helvetica).”

Indra shares her favorite Helvetica companions with the following guidelines in mind: “Focusing on contrast makes combining fonts easier. Better not pair Helvetica (or other Neo-Grotesques) with another sans serif (like a Humanist Sans). Instead, choose a serif or a slab. Transitional and Modern (bracketed) serifs work quite well with Helvetica. So do most Garaldes like Garamond — it all depends on what kind of atmosphere you’re aiming for. Browse the list of ideas below, or look for faces with broad proportions, a large x-height, or similar characteristics, like an uppercase ‘R’ with a vertical tail.”