The Changing Face of Communications

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Portada del eBookCoordina Lewis PR
Año 2012
Idioma English
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In this book, we share advice on how to use digital marketing techniques and social media to boost your communications programs. Although this is a ‘how to’ book, many of you are still asking ‘why?’ Why care about social media? Why talk about digital PR?

Typically, questions revolve around measurement, value, resources and control. We hope to answer some of these questions here.

Social media is evolving fast. It is merging with journalism and Public Relations and hence the communications industry is undergoing seismic change. This process has been called disintermediation but it’s more like disintegration of the status quo.

Communicators now need to be more technical, visual and responsive to the market. In practical terms, this means we need to master a wider range of skills and adopt a more agile approach.