Cinema in the Digital Age: New Financing and Distribution Models

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Portada del eBookAutora Beatriz Cebas
Año 2011
Idioma English
Páginas 83


This is a practice-based dissertation that talks about Cinema in the Digital Age: New Financing and Distribution Models. To explore this topic I have researched books, articles, speeches and movies of relevant authors; I have also interviewed filmmakers and entrepreneurs related to these new models of cinema financing and distribution in the digital age. In addition I have used my own experience as a creator to produce a meta-documentary that complements this thesis.

The dissertation is divided into four parts. The first one is an introduction where I explain how the digital revolution is changing the filmmaking. The second one is focused on a new finance model attached to digital media: crowdfunding. The third part talks about the digital distribution model exploring if it could break down the Hollywood distribution and exhibition system. The fourth one concludes this thesis putting together my own experience as a filmmaker who has used a crowdfunding platform in order to get funds to produce her project, and the conclusions obtained about the explored issues. The meta-documentary Cinema in the Digital Age. My crowdfunding experience, enclosed in a DVD completes this dissertation.

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