The science of social media. An introduction to Linkedin (Part Two)

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Portada del eBookAutor Paul Chaloner
Año 2012
Idioma English
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It boasts more than 150 million professionals and has now been around for several years, yet LinkedIn still remains something of an enigma to many businesses. How do you get the best out of something that is so obviously geared towards recruitment if you aren’t a recruitment business?

The following guide is part one of a two part series intended to show how to use and leverage LinkedIn for your business, almost regardless of its industry. Whilst it is unquestionably true that the social media platform for professionals can be massively helpful for recruitment agencies, it would be foolhardy to dismiss it even if that isn’t your business. The platform has a multitude of fantastic resources, excellent groups and discussion areas that, used in the right way, can not only help improve brand awareness but increase traffic and conversions.