101 ways to get the best of out radio advertising

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Año 2012
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Think about it. What’s the one important thing about radio you’ve had to learn the hard way? What is it about the medium that one day suddenly struck you like a bolt of lightning, only after years of making radio spots? What is that very obvious technique that makes for outstanding radio advertising time and time again? The Radio Advertising Bureau’s ‘101 Ways to Get the Best Out Of Radio Advertising’ handbook is designed to answer these and many other frequently asked questions.

That’s because as the champion of the medium of radio in South Africa, we’ve made it our business to find out just what makes radio work, and how you can take advantage of this, in your radio advertising. After all, we’ve come a long way since the broadcast of the first radio commercial on US based radio station WEAF in 1922!

To do this, we’ve enlisted the help of advertisers, marketers, media planners, strategists, buyers, creative experts and just about everyone who shares our passion, culminating in these 101 insights on how to make the most effective and creative use of the medium.

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