Facebook: the worldwired & wealthy study

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Portada del eBookCoordina Facebook y Sparkler
Año 2013
Idioma English
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Facebook is often perceived as a platform that drives scale, but what makes it truly unique is the ability to reach real people in a highly targeted and personalised way. No matter how ‘hard to reach’ your customers are, many of them are on Facebook and there are many effective ways to find them and engage with them in meaningful ways.

We are often asked whether Facebook is an appropriate environment for reaching affluent audiences, and so we recently decided to explore this question. Here’s what we found:

In Europe alone, there are 27m ‘Affluents’ using Facebook, according to the IPSOS 2012 EMS release, and over 50% of CEO’s are using the platform. After partnering with consumer insights agency, Sparkler to conduct a bespoke study on affluent consumers, we identified 4 core segments of users, each of which can be profiled and targeted differently.