Science of Social Media

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Portada del eBookCoordina Fresh Egg
Año 2012
Idioma English
Páginas 139


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You hold in your hands (on your reader or on your screen) the science of social media. A project that began in early 2012 at digital marketing agency, Fresh Egg, to bring detail to an otherwise well publicised, yet often maligned marketing service, social media. A believer or a sceptic, it matters not, for social media for business really has arrived and ignoring it is no longer an option.

This book was lovingly created by three members of the social media team at Fresh Egg. You’d be hard pushed to find three more dedicated, passionate people within social media. But it’s not just about the passion, it’s about the science behind why things work and why things fail in social media and that’s exactly what this book attempts to cover.