Styles, Weights, Widths - It’s All in the Type Family

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A quick note before we start – when we talk about typographic terms there is the official, “correct” terminology, and then there is the commonly accepted terminology. Because of the dramatic technological changes that occurred in the type industry in the previous century, definitions have shifted. For example in metal type a “font” is one single typeface design in one specific point size, which means that metal Palatino 12 pt and Palatino 16 pt are two separate fonts. Yet when phototypesetting started replacing metal typesetting in the 1970, type became scalable (thus size-independent) and “font” came to signify a single type style, disregarding point size. And the terms “typeface” and “font” are now often used interchangeably. A similar thing happens when talking about typefaces and type families, and styles, weights, and widths.